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Hi and welcome

We are Efficacy Travel Limited,

Your favorite Travel Agency based in Lagos, Nigeria.

We are on a sole mission to provide our clients an overwhelming travel experience that will make them thirst for another. We proffer consulting services and in our best offer best practice solutions all in the bid to ensure this quality service is rendered as promised.

We go the travel journey with you and offer additive fun features in collaboration with our top-notch partners.

About Us

We are Efficacy Travel Limited,

Your favorite Travel Agency Brand in Lagos, Nigeria.

We Offer 3-packed services to our customers;

  • Travels
  • Corporate Services
  • Leisure

What We Do

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You should also know…

That the world is a large space unexplored, you haven’t been to everywhere yet, if you think you have, wait until we show you a beautiful place yet to be seen by you!

Let’s make your next trip happen!

As we walk you through the processes of making an international trip, we will go the journey with you!

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