Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands.

The continent of Australia, sometimes known in technical contexts by the names SahulAustralinea or Meganesia to distinguish it from the country of Australia, consists of the land masses which sit on Australia’s continental shelf

Australia has 3 Countries.

Interesting Facts about Australia

Mt. Disapointment

There’s a mountain named Mt. Disappointment. It was named because of the disappointing view from the top. The explorers expected to see Port Philipp Bay from the top, but a large number of trees prevented this.

More Kangaroos

Some data reports that the total population of Kangaroos is almost 50 million now. Back in 2016, there were almost 45 million Kangaroos, which means that there are more Kangaroos in Australia than people!

3 Countries

Australia is the smallest of the seven traditional continents in the English conception with just 3 countries. Australia has the second highest human development index and  the  index measures various things such as equality, lifespan, welfare etc

10,000 Beaches

If you visited one beach a day, it would take about 27 years to explore 10 000 beaches. No wonder that surfing and other water and beach activities are so popular!

Top 10 destinations in Australia

  1. 1.    The Daintree

    2.    Great Barrier Reef

    3.    Noosa

    4.    Hamilton Island

    5.    Cape York Outback

    6.    Flinders Ranges

    7.    Clare Valley

    8.    Eyre Peninsula

    9.    Kakadu

    10. Katherine

Trending Places in Australia…

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